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Trade shows are an excellent way to build your business, but without good it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. Prosign Studio offers a wide variety of trade show and portable display graphics in all shapes and sizes, to fit every budget. So, whether you just need a simple table-top sign, a retractable banner, or a complete booth system with collapsible wall, lights and podium, you can count on Prosign Studio to produce professional, stunning graphics that will set you apart from the competition at your next trade show or business expo. Plus, because we print and assemble in-house, you can be assured of fast turn-around and excellent quality control.

Source: ProSign Studio


Tips on Taking Story-Telling Photos at Trade Shows

  • Be an Early BirdBig crowds accumulate quickly at large scale trade shows. It could be hard to maneuver close to your subject, or the crowds can be obstructive for your images.  It is wise to arrive as early as possible to avoid the crowd.


  • Use Wide Angle Lens. With hundreds of booths and thousands of people at large trade shows, you will want to tell the story by taking a wide shot of the large exhibit space. Bring your fisheye lens if you have one to get a unique perspective. If not, use the widest focal length on your mid-range zoom lens. If you have neither lens, find a high spot to get a wider coverage of the room.

Source: Smartpress