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IT was only a matter of time before camera technology caught up with the growth of the social media, and towards achieving this, South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung has launched their first-ever ‘connected camera’, known as the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

With demand for Samsung’s smartphones and tablets soaring on the digital market and its development not only in terms of sales but in technology capability as well, the Samsung Galaxy Camera incorporates features common to both in its toolset.

At the launch of the product at a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur last Wednesday, the local Press witnessed for the first time a new breed of cameras that merges the concept of a smartphone and a traditional camera.

“The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Camera epitomises how cameras have evolved over time. Today, we set users free from the restrictions of a conventional camera with our product. The collaboration between our Mobile and Digital Imaging Business Units has allowed Samsung to create a truly connected camera,” said Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd managing director Kwon Jae Hoon.

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