Commercial Photographer Columbus Ohio

DS Photography offers you commercial photography of People, Products & Place for your advertising, marketing, corporate, public relations, editorial, and websites applications by Columbus commercial photographer; Dirk Stevens.

We are a Columbus photographic studio offering you the most current digital imaging solutions. We’re also fully equipped for all types of commercial location photography assignments, including annual reports, architectural, catalog, editorial, event, food, hospitality, hotel, industrial, interior, sports, lifestyle, medical, product, resort, still life, studio and travel.


DS Photography can provide professional commerical photoraphy on location for your industrial products and/or system implementation.  It’s a great way to improve marketing and show how your product functions in a real world environment.


Whatever you sell, DS Photography can make it look better. Consumers know the difference and will make a decision about the quality of your product or service based on that impression.


People eat with their eyes as well as their month. Restaurants and vendors of edible products need perfect looking images of their food. We can bring our studio directly to your location so your products look their very best.


Product images for the medical community require a special type of photography.  Unlike most products which are being sold to the general public, medical devices and equipment are generally being marketed to other companies.

We’re based in Columbus, Ohio and are available for any type of commercial photography assignments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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